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Ehime Prefecture’s Uwajima is a warm region year-round. Famous for being Japan’s top producer of citrus fruits and cultured pearls, Uwajima also boasts one of the country’s most prominent fishing ports, making its fishing industry thrive since ancient times. Positioned between the Seto Inland Sea climate region and the Pacific Ocean climate region, the area is generally warm throughout the year.

Here, we introduce the exquisite Buri, nurtured in the ideal environment of Uwajima. What sets our product apart is the complete blood removal process performed while it’s still fresh. Blood is the main cause of deterioration, and even a small amount left can gradually lead to a fishy odor.

Therefore, On-Sui uses a patented special technique to completely remove blood, even from the capillaries. This process ensures high freshness, rich flavor, excellent texture, and vibrant color.

By reducing the fish’s stress before processing, the texture and taste are significantly improved compared to traditional methods. The components that cause discoloration are partially removed, greatly enhancing color retention.

The smoking solution, developed independently by the patent-holding producer, is tasteless and odorless.

The super cold smoking technique removes blood down to the capillaries, maintaining freshness and eliminating any fishy smell.

Product Information

Product NameOxygen Perfusion Buri  
ManufacturerONSUI Co., Ltd.
Product type  Fresh
IngredientsFarmed Buri

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