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Export to the World

We export Japanese fresh fish to all over the world.


GOT Japan has delivered fresh Japanese fish to countries around the world.

For example, we have exported to the following countries.

United States of America
Dominican Republic

We can flexibly accommodate other countries as well.

If you are considering importing fresh, frozen, or processed fish or other food products, please feel free to contact us.


Foundation in the United States

We have a strong sales network to the United States.


GOT Japan has a proven track record of exporting to many parts of the world. In particular, we have a strong sales network for exports to the United States.

Our local affiliate in the U.S. has staff who have been involved in fresh fish distribution for over 30 years, and has established distribution routes in the U.S. for fresh fish and accompanying food products landed in various regions in Japan.

We specifically export to major U.S. cities through local importers in the following sequence.

GOT Japan → Importer → Wholesaler → Restaurants and retailers

Please refer to the service information page for specific details.

Wide variety

A wide variety of fresh fish sets are available.


The products required vary widely from customer to customer.

A variety of fresh fish are available as a set for you to consider in a varied set.

Even if you do not have a clear idea of what products you would like to purchase, we can suggest the best fresh fish set based on the season and your needs.