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GOT Japan is bringing the charm of the fishery to the world.


from market at Shimane-prefecture



I met President Takeda of GOT Japan at a trade show in 2018 and it has been four years.
At the time, we were a local fishmonger, a latecomer to the export market. Despite the fact that we were new to the company, we were treated as a friendly partner from the beginning, not just as a local contractor.

They not only supplied with marine products, but also made efforts to discover local resources and cultivate the local production area. Thanks to this, for the past four years we have been able to deliver marine products from Shimane to countries around the world through GOT Japan.

Each partner who procures wild fish from each region shares information with GOT Japan, using their refined eye for the local season, and collects the fish at Toyosu via market delivery. Partners from each region gather seasonal fish from that region to Toyosu with their elaborate connoisseurship.
Because there is no middleman, the product is delivered in the "fastest possible time.

That is the greatest value.

It is also very advantageous for the customers who purchase the fish to send the fresh fish immediately after landing at the place of origin with proper treatment. The K value of fish and shellfish doubles immediately after landing and after 24 hours. (K values in the 2% range increase to the 7% range after 24 hours.) Therefore, the slowing down of freshness deterioration by this treatment can only be done at the place of production.

While business is based on the exchange of goods and money, we also share the belief that a relationship of mutual trust is most important, and we believe that such a sense of security will lead to product quality for our customers and the satisfaction that comes with it.
We believe that the ease of communication that leads to a three-way win-win situation for producers, sellers, and consumers is GOT Japan's organizational culture and its greatest appeal.

GOT Japan is expanding its sales channels from a quality-oriented perspective by communicating the benefits of the production region to its customers. They are very important partner for us, with whom we feel hope.