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GOT's “Toyosu direct flights” are also reaching Las Vegas.


Ocean Providence Las Vegas
Sales Manager  Mr.Tanaka

You may be a little surprised to hear that you can eat fresh Japanese fresh fish in the desert city of Las Vegas, but it's true.
Thanks to GOT Japan, we (Ocean Providence) also delivers fresh, live fish from the Toyosu market site to high-end hotels and renowned restaurants.

When our company opened in Las Vegas 12 years ago, only a few high-end restaurants used Japanese fresh fish.
At that time, our biggest challenge as a seafood company in Las Vegas was "How can we bring high quality Japanese fresh fish to Las Vegas from so far away? ". At that time, we were introduced to GOT Japan and were able to purchase really great seasonal Japanese fresh fish in the shortest possible time.

This is GOT's " Toyosu direct flights " service.


Twelve years later, GOT's " Toyosu direct flights " has boomed, and indeed many restaurants use Japanese fresh fish, and the quality of Japanese restaurants in Las Vegas has risen dramatically.

Fresh fish is a difficult product to handle, so it is important to have a good eye for what the chef needs and to know what is in season.
GOT Japan's president, Mr. Takeda, was once a fresh fish wholesaler in the U.S. for many years, so he is well versed in the American market, chefs' needs, and the safety of imported products.
Therefore, we are able to provide our customers with Japanese fresh fish with confidence.
Through our long relationship, we are convinced that we can get safe, fresh, and delicious fish when we entrust GOT with our business.