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Extensive knowledge

We have extensive knowledge of HACCP and USFDA.


We are well versed in HACCP and USFDA standards, which must be followed when handling and exporting food products.

For example, all of our employees have taken HACCP training and have the necessary knowledge of HACCP, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Also, with regard to USFDA, our staff has 10-16 years of experience in the distribution of fresh fish in the U.S. and is well versed in USFDA standards.


  • What is HACCP?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.
It is a hygiene management method in which food business operators try to ensure the safety of their products by conducting risk management to eliminate or reduce risk factors such as food poisoning bacteria contamination and foreign material contamination in each manufacturing process.

  • What is FDA?

FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration. And it refers to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
It is the agency that licenses the sale and controls violations of food, drugs and medical devices, cosmetics, and other products to maintain their safety and effectiveness.



We implement the best packing methods.


We consider every detail of the best packing method and deliver it.

The optimal packing method depends largely on the season, temperature, destination, and route, as well as the type of fresh fish.

For example, even if the fish is the same, the optimum amount of ice to be included and the container to be used may vary slightly depending on the season, the climate of the destination, and the climate of the land through which the fish is being shipped.

Packing a large amount of ice may keep the product fresh, but it is not optimal because it increases costs.

For this reason, the staff in charge of packing at GOT Japan is trained and well versed in the best packing methods for each season and location, as well as the best cold/warm storage methods for each fresh fish, and makes detailed adjustments accordingly.