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Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture in Japan, a region that is warm throughout the year. Uwajima is famous for being the largest producer of citrus fruits and pearls in Japan. The quality of the yellowtail that has been carefully raised in the best environment is locked in and made into easy-to-use frozen fillets. What makes it different from others is that it is frozen fresh and perfectly drained of blood.

If even a small amount of blood is left behind, it can cause a gradual fishy odor. Therefore, these products are processed using “Cho-rei-kun(super cold fumigation),” a patented technology that completely removes blood down to the capillaries, so that high levels of freshness, flavor, texture, and bright color can be achieved.

This yellowtail has a lot of the producer’s attention to detail in raising, bleeding and freezing.

We invite you to experience this taste and beauty.

Product NameCho-rei-kun yellowtail  
ManufacturerOnsui Co., Ltd.
Product type  Freezing
Raw materialsYellowtail (cultured)/ smoked liquid

*Fresh is available if you wish. “Oxygen Perfusion Yellowtail”

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